monroe eye doctor officeOur Monroe office is located at:

1600 Perrineville Rd
Monroe Township, NJ 08817

Phone: 609-655-8808

The office in Monroe Township is located at 1600 Perrineville Road in the Concordia shopping center. We are located in the Medical Arts building, across from Northfield bank and Wells Fargo bank. Our offices are on the second floor. There are stairs and an elevator for access. Our Optical Shoppe is directly adjacent to our office, and provides full service optical dispensing.

Our facilities feature recently renovated and modernized waiting areas, handicapped-accessible exam rooms, free public Wi-Fi, cable TV, select magazines, and ophthalmic literature.

Waiting room Monroe

The doctors serving this location are Dr. Michael Wong, Dr. Richard Wong, Dr. Reynolds, Dr. Miedziak, Dr. Liu, Dr. Epstein, Dr. Jadico, Dr. Potter, and Phyllis Rakow.

Hours are by appointment only. Appointments are generally available from Monday to Friday from 8:45 AM – 4:00 PM.

To request an appointment, call 609-655-8808 during regular business hours.