Princeton Eye is now providing the Nanodropper, a volume-reducing adaptor for eyedrop bottles, to our patients.

Nanodropper’s device improves access to eye care by reducing wasted medication caused by oversized drops. The easy-to-use eyedrop bottle adaptor is affordable, trusted by thousands of patients and eye care providers, and was developed based on decades of clinical research. Simply remove the original cap of your bottle, twist on the Nanodropper, and the life of your medication is tripled. Smaller drops have been shown to be just as effective as typical oversized eyedrops.

Nanodropper is the only FDA-listed, volume-reducing adaptor for eyedrop bottles on the market. Nanodropper helps reduce cost, decrease waste, and minimize potential side effects of vision-saving treatments.

Please call our office to order a Nanodropper for your bottle, and to ensure the adaptor is compatible with your medication.

Videos about the Nanodropper

About the Nanodropper

How to use the Nanodropper

Patients trying the Nanodropper

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