• Welcome to the <span>Princeton Eye Group</span>

    Welcome to the Princeton Eye Group

    At the Princeton Eye Group we believe that the best eye care is delivered through a strong doctor-patient relationship. We've built our practice always keeping that in mind.

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  • The <span>Glaucoma Center at the Princeton Eye Group</span> is Open

    The Glaucoma Center at the Princeton Eye Group is Open

    Our newest clinical space, the Glaucoma Center at the Princeton Eye Group, is open. Dr. Sarah Kuchar and Dr. Daniel Lee have begun seeing patients in the new office.

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  • Welcome Dr. Feng and Dr. Lee

    Welcome Dr. Feng and Dr. Lee

    The Princeton Eye Group is pleased to announce and welcome our newest optometrist, Dr. Kevin Feng, OD, and our newest ophthalmologist, Dr. Daniel Lee, MD.

  • Meet <span>Our Eye Doctors</span>

    Meet Our Eye Doctors

    All of our specialists are experienced in the most advanced eye care procedures. We strive to be the ophthalmic group to meet all your eye care needs.

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  • Top quality eye care in central New Jersey

    Top quality eye care in central New Jersey

    With the area's top doctors, skilled staff, and latest technology, our comprehensive eye care facilities are unparalleled in the Central New Jersey area.

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Central New Jersey's Premier Eye Care Center

From routine eye exams to expert treatment of eye conditions like cataracts and glaucoma to surgical procedures, you can trust the experience and skill of the doctors of The Princeton Eye Group to provide top quality care.

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To make an appointment at any of our offices in Princeton, Somerset, and Monroe Township,call our main number at (609) 921-9437 or contact any office directly

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Pay your balance online, quickly and securely, only through our official link.

Preparing for Your Visit

The Princeton Eye Group now uses Clearwave to allow you to check-in quickly and easily before each visit. Details will be sent when you make your appointment.

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A company called Doxo.com is fraudulently misrepresenting themselves as affiliated with us. They are not. Please do NOT pay your bill with them.

Meet our Doctors

Each of the doctors at the Princeton Eye Group is a highly experienced and accomplished physician. They have been recognized among the top doctors in the nation and the region for their world-class expertise in eye care, pioneering work, and strong educational backgrounds. Click on any individual doctor's photo to learn more.

Our Eye Care Services

The Princeton Eye Group offers a wide array of eye care services. Experience the best eye care in New Jersey, provided by eye doctors with years of training and experience.

Routine Eye Exams
Contact Lenses
State-of-the-Art Cataract Surgery
Corneal Diseases and Treatments
Glaucoma Detection and Treatment
Routine Eye Exams

Routine eye exams are important to good healthcare. Whenever there is a specific problem with the eyes or vision quality, an ophthalmologist should be seen.

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Contact Lenses

The Princeton Eye Group is proud to have one of the largest and most up-to-date contact lens practices in the Northeast. Learn more about lens options.

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What patients say About the Princeton Eye Group

Many of our patients have kindly provided their compliments and testimonials after receiving eye care from our doctors, staff, and optical shop. Read a sampling of them here.

  • John A.

    Everybody was wonderful. I work at a large company in the Forrestal on College Road and I will be sure to recommend to everybody.

  • Chris K.

    Everyone was fantastic. Very informative and friendly.

  • Cara C.

    The staff was fantastic! I was well prepared and knew exactly what to expect.

  • Patricia S.

    Everyone was wonderful, thank you! Linda and Janet were really sweet. Dr. Reynolds and his two nurses were pretty great too. The worst part is the waiting, which wasn't long, but since I have never done LASIK it felt like forever. The actual procedure was just odd but very interesting. I'm so glad I had it done! The day after the surgery I drove myself to the post-op checkup.

  • Abby L.

    Fabulous. Love Dr. Wong. Barbara was very nice. I will recommend to all my friends!

  • Emily S.

    Very courteous. Operation went smoothly.

  • Sean O.

    The entire staff was very professional, courteous, and caring. Outstanding job by all.

  • Roubia C., MD

    Life changer!!!

  • Flora G.

    Barbara, Janet, Melissa were very helpful and made me feel very comfortable and at ease. Very warm and welcoming atmosphere. I highly recommend their very professional and caring atmosphere.

  • Jeff K.

    Everyone is experienced and knowledgeable. They all communicate well and explain what the benefits and risks are associated with LASIK. They are also supportive and comforting going into a procedure that is a little uncomfortable.

  • Stan O.

    Went exactly as I was informed. It was so easy and the staff was excellent and extremely professional. I will recommend to anyone interested in LASIK.

  • Irine R.

    The physician, Dr. Epstein, could not be nicer. He was so gentle, patient, and just wonderful! The staff was very good and competent.

  • Marguerite E.

    Everyone was incredibly nice and informative. If you are going to have Laser Eye Correction then I would recommend them to anyone.

  • Christine H.

    Janet was great, explained everything. Everyone was very nice.

  • Debra S.

    All was "top notch". Will recommend to friends and family--wonderful experience!

  • Stephen L.

    Dr. Wong made me feel comfortable throughout the surgery by talking me through the process. Katya helped me to relax before the procedure. Janet was very clear about post-op instructions. All in all this was an excellent practice. As a patient I will recommend the group.

  • Elvin V.

    Great facility! The entire staff was great throughout the process. Brenda, Linda, and Dr. Reynolds did a fantastic job.

  • Michael A.

    The process was simple and easy and the pre-op consult put my and my wife's minds at ease.

  • Kasey S.

    Everyone was super nice :) The professionalism of the staff and doctors took an otherwise nerve-racking experience and made it easy and enjoyable.

  • Stephanie G.

    I would recommend the office to anyone looking to have the LASIK procedure. I was very nervous and everyone was helpful and comforting.

  • Karen F.

    The entire experience was wonderful! From the first result through the follow-up. I always knew I was in the best care possible!

  • Mary R.

    Everyone was terrific. They explained everything and made me feel comfortable. Amazing experience. Would recommend the procedure and Dr. Michael Wong highly. Thank you!

  • Chris B.

    I cannot praise the staff enough. I could not have had a better experience!! Thank you for everything.

  • Karen N.

    Dr. Michael Wong explained the procedure several times and made me feel comfortable with the LASIK experience. He was very patient knowing I had bad reactions to anything entering my eyes.

  • Lois M.

    I would highly recommend Princeton Eye Group for exams and LASIK surgery. A wonderful experience. I have friends interested in having LASIK done and I will send them to the Princeton Eye Group!!

  • Susan S.

    Being able to wake up and actually be able to see for the first time in my life was an incredible feeling. LASIK is the best thing I've ever done for myself!

  • Rachel S.

    It only took me 10 years to finally decide to have LASIK (only after I started to have trouble with my contact lenses). Mike Wong and his team made the entire procedure painless. Thanks! I can't wait to go swimming in the lake without wearing goggles!

  • Jerry M.

    I was very well briefed on the surgical procedure by the assistant first and then by Dr. Miedziak herself, so there were no surprises during the procedure itself.

  • Bhaskar K.

    Patients will get individual care. You won't feel like you are at a shop which is churning out LASIK procedures. Dr. Reynolds himself saw me for initial consultation and answered all my questions--a rare gesture in these commercial times.

  • Sally P.

    I couldn't have had a better experience! The staff explained everything throughout the procedure. I'm glad I chose Dr. Wong. Thank you all.

  • Dennis P.

    Dr. Michael Wong's explanation and confidence eliminated any hesitation. The whole procedure so far is unbelievably better than I could have ever expected.

  • Tatiana L.

    I am really amazed at the wonderful effects from this surgery. I am Russian and very proud to know that this technology was created in Russia, and was perfectly done by Dr. Miedziak and all the team at Princeton Eye Group.

  • Michael B.

    My experience was exceptional. Dr. Wong is a magician! They talk you through the entire (LASIK) procedure and were not joking when they say it takes 6 seconds an eye. My wife is getting her eyes done in 2 weeks and I can only hope she has the same experience.

  • Luigi B.

    Barbara and Katea are the best! Dr. M. Wong is a genius :)

  • Irine R.

    The physician, Dr. Epstein, could not have been nicer. He was so gentle and patient and just wonderful!

  • Karen M.

    Incredible results, very relaxed atmosphere, informed and skilled staff and doctor. Could not have hoped for a better outcome.

  • Chris B.

    I can not praise the staff enough. I could not have had a better experience!! Thank you for everything.

  • Judith N.

    So appreciate Dr. Epstein's open mind and patience as well as his expertise and communication.

  • Karen F.

    The entire experience was wonderful! From the first result through the follow-ups, I always knew I was in the best care possible! Thank you Dr. Liu!

  • Kasey S.

    The professionalism of the staff and doctors took an otherwise nerve-racking experience and made it easy and enjoyable.