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Preparing for Your Visit

Preparing for Your Visit

The Princeton Eye Group uses Clearwave technology for obtaining demographic and insurance information.  This HIPAA-compliant pre-check and check-in process allows fast and accurate processing of patient information.  This improves our efficacy of preparing for our patients’ appointments.  Patients will receive instructions on how to use Clearwave upon making their appointments.

About Clearwave

There are several advantages for the patient with this system:

  • Patients will be able to securely provide their information with Pre-Check. This allows us to confirm insurance eligibility before the appointment, drastically reducing or eliminating delays at the front desk.
  • Patients will know their exact out-of-pocket expense, if any, at the time of their appointment.
  • Patients will be reminded of their appointments in advance through a call or text. They will be able to easily confirm their appointment.
  • If there are any potential issues, patients will be contacted prior to their appointment.
  • Patients that successfully complete the Pre-Check and Kiosk/ Mobile Check-in will be seen sooner. They will not be held up by other patients who are delayed due to incomplete Check-in information.

For more information, see this explanation video:

How does Clearwave Connect work?

Clearwave allows patients to electronically submit their demographic and insurance information in an easy and secure way prior to their appointment. This saves significant amounts of work and waiting time. The information can be processed in advance of the visit, reducing the chance of delays due to processing issues or inaccurate information. All of the information that is asked through Clearwave would otherwise be required in physical form at the time of your visit. The latter method creates unnecessary bottlenecks and delays all patients and doctors.

At the time of their scheduling an appointment, the patient will be asked for their cell phone number. Beginning one week prior to the appointment, the patient will receive a reminder text, asking them to confirm their appointment, and to complete up to 90% of their registration. You will be asked to take a photo of your insurance card(s) and submit. This is the Pre-Check process.

On the day of your appointment, come in and complete the Check-in process. This may be done directly at the free-standing Check-in Kiosks, or at your seat with your cell phone by scanning the QR code on the Mobile Check-in posters. Either method will ask you to confirm your identity by submitting your photo ID. You will review the information you previously provided, and then you are checked in for your appointment!

Patients who successfully complete these steps will be placed at the top of the list for being called in for their appointment. The more patients who successfully utilize the system, the shorter the waiting times for all patients. Patients who submit incorrect or incomplete information will experience delays.

Is it secure?

Clearwave is HIPAA-compliant. No data is stored on the kiosks. Your information is secured in a SOC1 data center which provides the highest level of security and is regularly audited for compliance. Whenever we check your insurance information for your visit, your private health information (PHI) must be transmitted to insurance company clearinghouses. Clearwave simply does this securely before your appointment to reduce potential delays at the time of your appointment. It also brings your PHI into our electronic health record (EHR) system, to update your file in a quick and safe way. This is information that we would otherwise have to physically obtain from you, and then enter/ scan into our system.

How do I use Clearwave Connect?

  • At the time of scheduling your appointment, provide a cell phone number for us to contact you.
  • When you receive the Clearwave reminder text, follow the instructions to confirm your appointment. You will see a confirmation screen that says, “Your appointment is confirmed.” Then complete your registration (press the NEXT button). Any information you do not enter will be asked again at your Check-in. Incorrect or incomplete information will delay you on the day of your appointment. You will need to scan your insurance information. You will see a confirmation screen that says “Mobile Pre-Check Successful.”
  • At your appointment, Check-in by either one of these methods:
    • At the free-standing Check-in Kiosk, enter your information and scan your photo ID to confirm your identity. You are now Checked-in, and may wait to be called in.
      – OR –
    • Scan the QR code on the Mobile Check-in poster with your phone. Enter your information and take a photo of your ID to confirm your identity. You are now Checked-in, and may wait to be called in.

If you have any questions or concerns, please see the front desk.