Princeton Eye Doctor Billing

About Online Bill Pay + an Important Note Regarding

For years the Princeton Eye Group has offered secure and convenient bill payment online through our secure payment portal. Simply visit our bill payment page and enter your account number and the amount you wish to pay, and charge it safely and securely on your credit card or FSA/HSA card.

Unfortunately, it’s come to our attention that a company called is fraudulently representing themselves as The Princeton Eye Group through unauthorized use of our trademark and business information, along with shady SEO practices.

While they appear to be affiliated with The Princeton Eye Group, they are NOT. If you see a screen like the one pictured here and/or if the URL in your browser address bar reads “”, please close your window immediately.

Paying through Doxo puts you at risk of being charged extra fees, delayed payments, and missed communications with our staff.

The Princeton Eye Group is NOT responsible for any payments or issues associated with

To ensure you are not a victim of this company’s fraudulent practices, please pay your bill online only through our secure payment portal, You can also call (609) 921-9437 to make other arrangements to pay your bill.

As always, if you receive suspicious phone calls or emails from someone claiming to represent The Princeton Eye Group, please contact us by phone or through our secure online form to verify.