ReSTOR-Toric Lens – A historical breakthrough in refractive surgery

On February 22, our own Dr. Michael Wong made history in the ophthalmology world. He was the first surgeon in the United States to insert an intra-ocular lens (IOL) following cataract surgery.

The result was correction of all the refractive errors at once: nearsightedness, astigmatism, and presbyopia.

The lens is called the ReSTOR-Toric, and is manufactured by Alcon, a division of Novartis. Up to now, surgeons and patients could only treat nearsightedness. When more advanced IOLs were introduced, it allowed us to pick two of the three focusing abnormalities. Now, we can address all three at once, and the synergy is amazing. We’ve come a long way.

Prior to being the first surgeon in the United States to perform this procedure, Dr. Wong had experience with this implant as one of the principal investigators evaluating the lens for the FDA; he also testified to the FDA to help gain its approval.

Here are some photos from this day of surgery which was nothing less than historical, or as Dr. Wong dubs it, “ReSTORICAL”. 🙂

 intra-ocular lens (IOL) following cataract surgery

from Princeton Eye Group link