Mission Work in Belize

Dr. Michael Wong and Annice Bacsik are back on the mission wagon. They traveled last week to Belize City, Belize, and worked with compassion from sunrise till sunset. Together they removed dozens of the world’s most difficult cataracts, restoring sight to their grateful patients. The Princeton Eye Group is now celebrating their safe return home with gratitude.

From Dr. Wong: 

“It was wonderful to go to Belize City to take care of their indigent who needed cataract surgery. What made this trip extra special was that we brought along Lucas Bonafede, a senior resident from Wills Eye Hospital, the nation’s no. 1 residency program, to teach him the “low tech” ways which were required to help them using the rudimentary equipment they have. But of course, what matters most is that we truly cured blindness in 45 patients. These patients’ cases were as bad as I’ve ever seen. Completely blind. All did well.”