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Relief from Dry Eye and Poor Vision

Dr. Tiffani Methvien specializes in fitting the Custom Stable, a scleral contact lens that is specially designed to significantly reduce burning, dryness, and irritation. This unique lens creates a natural chamber of moisture between the lens and cornea that smooths out corneal imperfections while acting as a barrier against environmental challenges such as wind, air […]

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Do you suffer from Keratoconus or Corneal Ectasia?

Anita Miedziak, M.D. of the Princeton Eye Group in Princeton has conducted years of clinical research trials to study the effectiveness of an innovative treatment to stop or slow the progression of Keratoconus and Corneal Ectasia. Dr. Miedziak is one, of only two, principal investigators in FDA cross-linking trials in New Jersey. She has vast […]

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New Stitchless Advances in Corneal Transplantation Surgery Speed Recovery

Dr. Anita I. Miedziak, Director of Cornea Services at the Princeton Eye Group, performs the most advanced techniques in corneal transplantation with reduced risk of astigmatism and shorter recovery times. DSEK (Descemet Stripping Endothelial Keratoplasty) is a new option in corneal surgery. DSEK is a partial thickness corneal transplant. It is offered to patients with […]

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Seeing the World Through Rose Colored…Contacts?!

Although not rose colored at all, the new Rose K™ contact lens is a welcomed advance in the treatment of Keratoconus. Picture viewing the world as if you’re looking through a car windshield in a driving rainstorm – that’s how uncorrected vision looks to people with advanced Keratoconus. Keratoconus is characterized by a gradual thinning […]

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DSAEK – An Alternative to Corneal Implants

Until now, when the cornea loses its transparency due to disease or injury there has only been one option: corneal transplant. In order for the cornea to remain clear, it must remain relatively dry. Intricate bundles of collagen form a delicate layer of cells called endothelia. The endothelia acts as a pump to keep the […]

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Laser Corneal Transplantation

Corneal transplantation can now be done by laser. IntraLase Enabled Keratoplasty (IEK) is a new revolutionary way of performing full thickness corneal transplantation procedure. The IntraLase laser is used to replace the diseased cornea in a precise fashion thus reducing postoperative astigmatism and corneal surface irregularity speeding up the visual rehabilitation. The IntraLase laser procedure […]

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