DSAEK – An Alternative to Corneal Implants

Until now, when the cornea loses its transparency due to disease or injury there has only been one option: corneal transplant.

In order for the cornea to remain clear, it must remain relatively dry. Intricate bundles of collagen form a delicate layer of cells called endothelia. The endothelia acts as a pump to keep the corneal to accumulate water and develop corneal edema. In some patients, vision is impaired due to the disappearance of the nonregenerative cells of the endothelia.

Now, same day surgery can resupply the damaged endothelia with active endothelial pumping cells without replacing the entire cornea. DSAEK, Descemet’s Stripping and Automated Endothelial Keratoplasty, can be performed with a topical anesthetic and tiny incisions requiring no stitching. The DSAEK technique accelerates recovery time and greatly reduces the potential for complications.