Drs. Stephen M. Felton and R. David Reynolds Have Years of Experience Using Botox for Medical Purposes

Princeton, NJ – May 31, 2002 – The ophthalmologists of The Princeton Eye Group are offering cosmetic Botox treatments, now that those procedures have passed FDA scrutiny and received approval. Cosmetic Botox treatments smooth out facial creases by relaxing the muscles that cause wrinkles while allowing the ones that stretch and smooth the skin to continue performing. The treatment consists of a simple, 5-minute, in-office procedure that creates effects that last for four to six months.

While Botox is only recently approved for cosmetic purposes, it has a long history of use in medical applications. Dr. Stephen M. Felton, ophthalmologist, and Ph.D., and one of the original founders of The Princeton Eye Group, was the first in the Princeton area to use Botox for eyelid spasms, 12 years ago.

Botox,” Dr. Felton says, has been a great help for people who suffer from dystonia, the rhythmic contraction of muscles in the eye area. Now, we can take everything weve learned about the properties of Botox and how it interacts with these muscles and use it to help people maintain a more youthful appearance.”

Dr. R. David Reynolds, another Princeton Eye Group ophthalmologists and the Groups Medical Director of Services for Eyelid Plastic Surgery, has used Botox extensively as part of his practice.

The structures around the eye,” Dr. Reynolds says, are both delicate and complex. Botox is powerful, and you have to use it carefully so you get the best effect. Its amazing, but people are so finely attuned to reading faces. Botox helps to relax the facial muscles that make some people appear angry or tense.”

Botox treatments have been standard practice at the Princeton Eye Group for many years. Dr. Reynolds routinely holds clinics dedicated exclusively to Botox administration.

Botox cosmetic treatments are just the latest in a series of innovations that the Princeton Eye Group has brought to the Princeton area. In March, 2001, the Group opened Wills Laser Vision at Princeton, a LASIK vision correction center recognized for excellence in advanced eyecare by Wills Eye Hospital of Philadelphia.

The Princeton Eye Group is a full service eyecare resource located in the Princeton Healthcare Center at 419 North Harrison Street in Princeton.