Eye Opening, by Colin Goedecke

A pterygium is a benign but often bothersome growth of the conjunctiva which can be removed via a surgical procedure. Thank you to Colin Goedecke for penning such a beautiful poem to Dr. Miedziak while reflecting upon his successful pterygium surgery.

Eye Opening
contemplation on a pterygium

I lie down quietly,
on the operating table,
to have a veil removed,
skillfully scalpeled away.
A pterygium, triangular,
from the Greek:
a kind of wing ~
though not for flight.
Yet feel sure the surgery
is beyond physical:
is, in stereo, metaphysical,
a Sacred Optometry
to further free my inner eye.
To create a greater opening
through which I can
more clearly, unobstructedly
perceive the alchemies,
beauties, totalities
of the light and life around me.

Colin Goedecke
on Kitchell Pond
Loantaka Brook Reservation
Convent Station, NJ
Mid-November, 2016