New technology helps patients with difficult contact lens fitting problems

Dr. Methvien here at the Princeton Eye Group offers the most advanced technology available to accurately fit scleral lenses.  Patients who benefit the most from this technology are those with corneal dystrophies such as keratoconus and ectasias, granular dystrophy, ocular surface disease (dry eye, Sjogren’s syndrome, Steven Johnson Syndrome) and high prescriptions.  The revolutionary sMap3D instrument provides up to 1 million points of data within an accuracy of 10 microns to design the Latitude custom fitted scleral lens which precisely matches every contour of your eye resulting in the most clear and comfortable vision you’ve ever had.

The mapping process is non-invasive and captures three images of your eye that allows for a full range of designs and customization options for fitting unique eye shapes.

Even if you couldn’t wear contacts lenses before, or if you need a bifocal prescription, ask about the revolutionary new sMap3D technology.

Your sMap3D designed lenses will offer:

  • Comfort
  • Hydration
  • Sharp Vision
  • And they are made JUST FOR YOU

Dr. Tiffani Methvien is helping patients with dry eye and corneal disorders see better, and more comfortably, than ever before. Schedule an appointment to find out if you could benefit from scleral or sMap3D custom lenses!