Princeton Eye Group “All Stars” in a Benefit Concert

The Princeton Eye Group held a fantastic benefit concert on November 12, 2019, raising over $23,000 for Dr. John Cropsey and Kibuye Hope Eye Hospital in Burundi, Africa. As part of that of that concert, we utilized talent directly from our office, The Princeton Eye Group “All Stars”.

The band included:

  • Lead and Background Vocals: Katelyn Malik (technician)
  • Lead and Background Vocals: John Kelly (call center)
  • Background Vocals: Madeline Epstein (Dr. Epstein’s daughter)
  • Piano: Dr. Michael Wong (ophthalmologist)
  • Bass: Sam Morgenstern (emeritus head of our optical shop)
  • Acoustic and Electric Guitar: Dr. John Epstein (ophthalmologist and also member of Project One)
  • Electric Guitar and Keyboards: Justin Epstein (Dr. Epstein’s son)
  • Drums: John Ferrigno (special guest from Project One)

At the show, the original band from Hightstown, Project One also played a set and the headliner of the night was world renowned recording artist, Jill Sobule. To see more videos as they become available, subscribe to the Project One Youtube page.

For more information about Kibuye Hope Eye Hospital of to donate, visit: https;// The Kibuye Hope project is a teaching hospital in one of the poorest and most densely populated countries in the world, Burundi, Africa. Funds raised will be used to help create a sustainable eye surgery training program in the country of roughly 15 million people. “Our needs to expand access to care are so great and pressing,” reports John Cropsey, MD, who was dedicated his life to the cause. “Every day is a fight for survival. The average life expectancy for someone with a cataract is only 5 years here. Their ‘disease’ can be permanently cured with a $50 operation. We’re not just saving vision here, we’re saving lives.”

Dr. Cropsey trained at Wills Eyes Hospital in Philadelphia and, along with his wife and 3 kids, has been living and working in Africa since finishing his residency in 2009. All donations support his incredible work in this impoverished but vibrant nation.

  • Videographers: Jesse Russinski, John Guarino, Rishabh Kancherla, Morgan Cowperthwaite
  • IV Video edited by Dr. John Epstein

Corporate sponsors/donors for the event included: Princeton Eye Group, Hugh Miller, Wills Eye Foundation, Easton Shopping Center, Eye Point Pharma, Glaukos, Leigh Visual Imaging Solutions, 94.5 WPST