Princeton Eye Group Optical Shoppes now carry the Nanodropper

Important news for all patients who use high cost eye medications, or who seem to always run out of their medicine before their next renewal:  The Nanodropper is now available at Princeton Eye Group!


Most eyedrop bottles dispense up to 6 times the volume that the eye (fornix) can hold.  That means, with every drop you use, you are wasting over 70% of the drop, which either flows down your tear duct, or out of the side of your eyelid!  If you accidentally squeeze too hard, you are losing even more valuable medicine.

The Nanodropper is a revolutionary new adapter that fits onto the top of most eyedrop bottles.  It regulates the size of the drop that comes out, and thus saves wastage of your eyedrop medicines.  Our doctors have extensively tested the Nanodropper, and will be using the adapter within the practice itself.

Now our patients are able to purchase the Nanodropper for use with most of their own eyedrop medicines.  Never run out of your medicines again before renewal time.  Save potentially hundreds of dollars each year by reducing the waste of your drops.  Reduce plastic pollution by extending the life of your eyedrop bottles.  Major U.S. eye institutions already use the Nanodropper, and now you can too!

The Nanodropper retails for $16, and can be used for 3-6 months or longer if kept clean.  All Optical Shoppe locations of the Princeton Eye Group now carry the Nanodropper for sale.  Visit for more information and videos.