Princeton Eye Group Statement on Coronavirus Situation 3/13/2020

Dear Valued Patients,

As you are aware, the COVID-19 coronavirus infection is affecting our area. The health and well-being of our patients and staff are foremost on our minds. To that end, we have instituted several steps to safeguard our community while providing the highest quality ophthalmic care.

  1. We will follow all recommended guidelines from the US Centers for Disease Control and the State of New Jersey.
  2. When you make or confirm an appointment, you will be asked if you have any symptoms of illness, like runny nose, cough, fever, chills, aches or difficulty breathing. You will be asked if you have had any contact with a person who is being evaluated, or has had any potential symptoms of coronavirus, or has traveled to an area in the world or US that has had endemic spread of coronavirus. If so, you will be politely asked not to come to the office; your appointment will be re-scheduled to a time at least 14 days later.
  3. We ask that you respect and consider the well-being of your fellow neighbors, and our staff. Do NOT enter our offices if you have any of the symptoms above, even if you have a mask.
  4. If you have a true eye emergency (as determined by questioning of a clinical nurse or technician), and you have any of the above symptoms, we will try and make provisions for you to be evaluated as soon as possible. This may involve a referral to a facility that is equipped to handle all of your needs.
  5. We are actively and constantly sanitizing all of the equipment and surfaces that are most often handled. All of our employees are empowered to help in this matter. We have hand sanitizer stations throughout our offices that may be used by staff and patients. We have alcohol sanitizers in every room that our technicians and physicians use. You may notice that
    our doctors and staff will not shake hands, to minimize any potential physical spread.
  6. We are constantly monitoring the health and well-being of our doctors and employees. No employees, doctors or staff are allowed in the offices if they have any of the symptoms or risk factors listed above.
  7. We are currently maintaining our clinical and surgical schedules without disruption. Should events warrant any changes, notice will be posted on this website, and on our telephone system.

Thank you for being our valued patient, and for your understanding in these unsettled times.