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Mission Work in Belize

Dr. Michael Wong and Annice Bacsik are back on the mission wagon. They traveled last week to Belize City, Belize, and worked with compassion from sunrise till sunset. Together they removed dozens of the world’s most difficult cataracts, restoring sight to their grateful patients. The Princeton Eye Group is now celebrating their safe return home with gratitude.

From Dr. Wong: 

“It was wonderful to go to Belize City to take care of their indigent who needed cataract surgery. What made this trip extra special was that we brought along Lucas Bonafede, a senior resident from Wills Eye Hospital, the nation’s no. 1 residency program, to teach him the “low tech” ways which were required to help them using the rudimentary equipment they have. But of course, what matters most is that we truly cured blindness in 45 patients. These patients’ cases were as bad as I’ve ever seen. Completely blind. All did well.”

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Congratulations to Phyllis Rakow, Contact Lens Society of America’s Member of the Year!

Princeton Eye Group’s very own Phyllis Rakow, COMT has done it again! This weekend, Phyllis attended Contact Lens Society of America’s annual conference and delivered the prestigious Kevin Tuohy Lecture entitled “Specialty Lenses for the Special Needs Patient”.

We are excited to announce that Phyllis was also awarded the CLSA’s “Member of the Year” award. She has now received every honor that one can achieve through CLSA:

1999: Theodore Obrig Annual Lecture
2002: Ken Swanson Award for outstanding leadership and contributions to the contact lens industry
2012: Joseph W. Soper Award for Excellence in Education

Below Phyllis is pictured with Lee Hewitt, a former Board member, presenting her a plaque for delivering the Kevin Tuohy Memorial Lecture. She was presented the Member of the Year award by Rachel Behdadnia, a member of the Contact Lens Society of America Board of Directors.

Congratulations Phyllis!

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Dissecting a Pig Eye for Halloween!

Why should higher level learning and being completely grossed out be mutually exclusive? Just in time for Halloween, Dr. Michael Wong recently dissected a pig eye for a school assembly at the Princeton Academy, letting them enjoy the spectacle of seeing a giant eyeball projected onto a large screen, while at the same time learning about the wonders of ocular anatomy.

Spook-tacular! 👻👀

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#PegCares Day 2018

We are thrilled at the results of our first ever #PEGCares Day! Last Saturday, Dr. Samuel Liu, joined by six volunteer staff, provided free eye care to 12 patients without insurance. Eligible patients were referred by Penn Medicine Princeton Health.

The idea was initiated by Katerina Liu, a 2nd year Rutgers University student, and daughter of Dr. Sam Liu. It perfectly embodies the giving spirit at PEG, and will be the first of many such days where we can give back to those in need in our immediate community.

Thank you to all who gave time and expertise in support of this great day!

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